After you are an Company Ambassador, this will be your first work:

Step 1
1. Must have Discord Software & App, both Computer/Laptop and Mobile installed.
2. Create an Email Address –
Example: durjoy[email protected]
3. Add your referral/affiliate link to all social media (which you mostly use).
4. Kindly give a review on our platform. So we can improve more. We want to know your Honest Opinion and no bad/slang words, please!
5. Interact on every post in Social Snug. e.g. React, Comment, Share.
6. Post news on your Account
You will collect from:
Step 2

1. Use Paper and Pen for notes for the meeting
2. Bring Water Bottle (if you feel thirsty)
3. Make sure you UnMute in the meeting, your Video should be ON
4. Use Headphone/Earphone
5. Make sure you use PC/Laptop
3. Open Discord
(if you have, then NO need to install again)
4. Google Products (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google)
5. Social Snug Email
6. Make sure you use Chrome Browser